Pilgrimage – Spiritual Traveling

Going on a pilgrimage has been an important tradition in all major religions. Today, it is estimated that more than 200 million people make a pilgrimage every year. The destination can be a sacred shrine; the place of birth or disappearance of a saint, prophet or religious founder; a special location of mystical importance related to miracles, or of any other spiritual significance. Often, its purpose is also to come closer to one’s real self.

Knowlege of the Siddhas

  • The Siddhas

    According to The Siddha System, Lord Shiva is claimed to be the First and Foremost Siddhar who had attained all Siddhis.
    His knowledge was then imparted to Goddess Parvathi and from there to Nandi Thevar and the Navanath Siddhars.
    These Siddhars in turn spread their knowledge to the Famous 18 Siddhars.

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  • Siddha Medicine

    The Medicine is the native medicine of the Tamilians and has evolved gradually with the development of mankind. Siddhi means perfection. The siddhars who attained this perfection have recorded their investigations and medicaments in order to provide the Perfect State of Physical, Psychological, social and spiritual component to the human race. It can so be stated that Siddha medicine is Continue Reading

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  • Agasthiya Naadi Astrology

    The Great Sage Agasthiya has written each persons horoscope on palm leaves. Each individual horoscope was computed and written in Palmyra leaves by the Siddhars (enlightened saints). The horoscope highlights the planetary positions and their influences in a persons life and the resulting benefic and malefic effects.

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  • Read Your Palmleef

    Past, Present and Future of your life was written more then 2000 years ago by Sage Agastya.
    Now you can read your Palmleaf

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