In order to get a true vision of the spiritual reality, purity is considered of major importance. To purify one’s self, pilgrims often perform austerities or sacrifice – this is the voluntary practice of some form of inconvenience. Hindus travel barefoot, other groups fast or reduce their eating; some adopt a life of simplicity, etc.

By reducing bodily comforts and not desiring or endeavouring to get them, one has more freedom and time to concentrate on one’s spiritual side – the longings of the soul.

One can hear or read about spiritual life. One can meditate, pray, practice yoga – all of which gives us some understanding of our deeper nature. However, none of this is as “real” as when we are able to actually enter the realm of spirituality.

If you are an advanced yogi, you may achieve this state even in the midst of Wall Street. But for most of us the location, the atmosphere, the people around us, and the program we follow help us greatly not only to lick outside of the glass of honey, but to really taste its sweetness by entering deep into its nectar.

This is the purpose of our pilgrimage. Traveling with like-minded people, practicing a simple, natural and healthy life style, focusing on the journey within by visiting different locations in South India that are charged with divine energy.

We are confident that this kind of pilgrimage reveals aspects of life and yourself that you would have not imagined, and as a result, you will have new, blissful and deep spiritual realisations.

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