Siddhamed Farm

7OM_7957_VA farm and Vastu guest house has been set up amidst nature Kolli Hills. Following the advice of the Siddhar Agastya in the naadis this guest house has been built to help spiritual Travellers to stay on the Remote Holy hill and progress with their spiritual practices. Various Gurus have visited this place and blessed it right from its foundation period. Accordingly many Gurus have interpreted and recognised energy points on the land, where A Shiva linga is to be installed and a Dakshinamoorthy for the sake of the Guru worship.





File:Cannonball Tree Flower3.jpgKolli hills is famous for its herbs and more in specific rare herbs. In order to promote the Siddha medicine we wish to make a Special Herbal Garden  and also include a Rare Herb Collection and later we  promote to give Siddha medicine classes for those who wish to learn more in this regard.

With the installation of the Shiva linga-Certain holy herbal trees like Vilva (Aegle Marmelos) and Nagalinga tree (Couroupita guianensis) have also been planted for the sacred Shiva worship.




Guest House Description:

The Main Entrance of the Guest house faces East and on entering there is an Open Living with a Sofa where one can Relax and Read books. On the North  there is  – The Meditation Room and where Spiritual Classes are conducted.  The room is provided with natural  Mats, to sit  and perform Meditation.  At the end of the Meditation room  is a small Library with a small collection of Spiritual Books.  Apart from this there are 6 Rooms for the purpose of staying. 2 Small rooms and 4 bigger rooms  are fully furnished and have an attached bathroom enough to accomodate upto 30-40 people at one time. On the South East side is a well maintained professional kitchen and a washroom with a Washmachine which washes and dries with Steam function.  Attached to the Kitchen on the south East side is an Eating hall and this is connected to the Outside Terrace – and when the weather favours eating can be also done on the Terrace with a Perfect View to Agastya Hill.  The Centre Brahmasthan is an open large area, and if people wish they can also sit here to Meditate at night.


The first floor has 2 private rooms for the Thelen family and their children. There is a terrace where one can perform Surya Namaskar and Yoga practices. Around the Guest house is a walkable path also with herbs and flowering plants. The place is wide enough to play Badminton or Table Tennis during leisure hours.
In the future we aim to construct a small underground cave temple with a Mercury Lingam   at a point on the top of the land where the energy forces of Kolli Pavai, Arabaleeshwarar and Masi Periyanna Swamy can be felt – for the purpose of concentration and isolation for those who wish to concentrate and do penance.
Free Natural Temporary huts or sheds would be constructed for Spiritual Followers who wish to stay longer in the hills and do a Tapas for a longer time.
Kolli hills is famous for its Pepper and spices.Other spices are Cardamomum which is yet to give its yield.  Our farm has Silver oak trees with Pepper plants  and Betel leaf plants climbing on them. There are also many Fruit trees like Papaya, Banana, Jack Fruit, Pomogranate, Mandarine, Cashew Nut tree and Betel Nut trees.
There is a small children play ground, so those who have children can let them have their enjoyment on the play ground in between nature. Tame animals around them like Rabbits, Chickens, Ducks, Goose, Guinea Fowl and Turkey’s would keep the children busy during the day.
Everything in the building has been planned according to Vastu and this enables the people who stay there to enjoy a harmonius and healthy spiritual stay. Food is cooked by the workers under the guidance of Prabhakaran, on a daily menu basis as per Siddha ways-i.e. by adding the necessary spices and herbs. Breakfast is mostly continental together with an Indian touch.




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