Agasthiya Naadi Astrology


The client who wishes to know his future should send in a copy of his thumb print (Right thumb print for men, and left thumb print for women).  By reading the curves, dots, circles and mounds on the the print, the bundle of palm leaves are first selected.

1. Chapter One-General Chapter

The leaves are then read, giving details of the clients family and his age, date of birth, marriage details and profession details.  The individual is then asked to confirm if the details belong to him.  Each bundle can have a few hundred horoscopes in it.  So the specific palm leaf is then selected where all the above details correspond and this is the general chapter of the person.  When all the details match, then the client can go ahead if he wishes to ask further details relating to other directions which correspond to other chapters.

2. Chapter Two-Details on Finances, Family, Education, Eyes and Speech

This chapter deals in detail about the present position of the family and the financial situation of the client and his education status and also what could be his line of education for the future.  There are also details involved the clients Eye and Speech conditions.

3. Chapter Three-Details on brothers, sisters, details on Courage, and Household materials and Ears.

This chapter deals details in regard to the brothers and sister of the client and also their relationship between them, whether they are affectionate or have some kind of an ill-feeling between them and the reason behind it.  Further there is information about the clients courage and how brave he could be and what are his assets in regard to his household things.  There are also details involving the Clients present Ear condition and if he has any hearing defects.

4. Chapter Four-Details on Mother, House, Vehicles, Land and Pleasures

5.  Chapter Five-Details involving Children-their birth and death, reasons for not having children,Adoption and-Remedial procedures for having children and future lives of the children.

6.  Chapter Six-Details on Diseases, Debts, Enemies, Court Cases, and their Remedial procedures.

7.  Chapter Seven-Details on-Time of Marriage, and details regarding the partner, Lagnam, Planetary position of the partner, and future life with the partner.

8.  Chapter Eight-Details on Life span, Accidents and Dangers to life, and the time specified for the Clients Death (in regard to age, Time, Month Day, Star, Lagnam and Placeof Death)

9.  Chapter Nine-Details on Father, Wealth, Temple Visits, Luck, Confrontations and preaching of Holy men, Charitable deeds.

10. Chapter Ten-Details on Clients Profession, Future predictions in regard to job and the good and bad in profession or business, Change of place.

11. Chapter Eleven-Details regaring Profits in business and Second Marriage

12. Chapter Twelve-Details in Expenditure, Foreign Visit, Next Birth and Attainment of Salvation.

13. Chapter Thirteen-SANTHI PARIHARAM-Details on Previous birth, and the sins committed during the past, The Remedial measures for getting Rid of the Malefic Effects of the Past sins.

14. Chapter Fourteen-DEEKSHAI-Details on the “MANTRA” which is specified for the person to overcome his Malefic Effects, and to Overcome Enemies, Litigations, Diseases, Hazards, and other Ill-effects.

16.  Chapter Sixteen-DISABUKTHI-Details in Regard to the Planetary Position and the Sub Planetary influences at the Specified time when it is read.

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