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AgasthyaNaadi  Astrology – Naadi as the name signifies, that one has to go in search of his future inscriptions – (Naadi in tamil means – to search)

Every person who is blessed by the siddhars have the chance to come across their palm leaf with their future predications and the ways by which they can perform a shanthi to reduce their karmic effects. It is only with the Guidance of the siddhars and their blessings that one can come across these palm leaves and have the explanations from it. These Naadi leaves are dried and cured palm leaves .  The leaves are filled with with tiny handwritten inscriptions which were written by the siddhars hundreds of years ago. Once Lord Shiva and Parvathi were pleased with the Siddhars and their devotion, that they blessed them with the  ability to predict ones past, present and future in order to help those who needed the siddhars blessings and guidance.

Siddhas made agreements with many people to help them in a future lifetime when they would need special guidance or assistance. Using the Nadi leaves, the Siddhas wrote out the key problems the person would be facing and what to do to alleviate those problems, and noted the many blessings that might be in store for the person in that lifetime. The Main Temple which holds thousands of these Palm leaves from the different siddhars is Vaitheeswaran Temple.

Significance of Nadi astrology?  Nadi astrology is one of the ancient  and mystical science of Vedic astrology, by which ones past, present and future can be predicted, in order to enable the person to identify his position in the world and to know in detail about the task he has been assigned and to identify the needs of his soul so that he can accomplish his work in this lifetime and attain satisfaction. The naadi Astrology has different chapters, which deal with the different aspects of a persons life and by reading these chapters one can have details about his future life. Chapter 13 deals with the Remedial measures and procedures by which one can perform poojas in the specified temples and then reduce the intensity of his karma. Chapter 14 deals with the Deeksha –where on eis recommended  an Amulet which has a mantra plate-a specified mantra for a specific person which is prescribed by the siddhars in accordance with his duties on earth and this mantra plate is energised with the specific mantra for a specific number of days and with a special pooja procedure.

There are special Chapters like Mahasiva Vakkiyam and Prachanai Kandam.

Maha Siva Vakkiyam is based on the predictions made by Lord Shiva about a person during his conversation about this individual with his wife Goddess Parvathi.

Prachanai Kandam-aims at the Answers for a persons Problems which come up during a Specified Time.

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