According to the Hindu Mythology, Lord Shiva spends most of the time on the top of Holy Mt.Kailash, practising Yogic austerities, joy and love with his divine consort Parbati (Mother of Mythology).  The Lake Mansarovar and the Holy Mt.Kailash are the SOUL of all AUM followers in the world.


“Conventional wisdom says a single circuit of Mt.Kailash wipes out the sins of a lifetime, 108 Parikramas guarantees enlightenment.  A ritual bath in the Sacred Mansarovar Lake delivers Pilgrim to Brahmas Paradise and to drink a drop of ist water relinquishes the sins of hundreds of lifetimes.“


2014 being a Kumbh year of Kailash, Mansarovar, as per Buddhist it ist he year of Horse, which comes once in 12 years-if you make a parikrama of Mt.Kailash 1 time this year; it is karmically counted 12 parikrama of Mt.Kailash.

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