Naadi Astrology & Pilgrimage


NAADI ASTTROLOGY: The Great Sage Agasthiya has written each persons horoscope on palm leaves.   Each individual horoscope was computed and written in Palmyra leaves by the Siddhars (enlightened saints). The horoscope highlights the planetary positions and their influences in a persons life and the resulting benefic and malefic effects.

The client who wishes to know his future should send in a copy of his thumb print (Right thumb print for men, and left thumb print for women).  By reading the curves, dots, circles and mounds on  the print, the bundle of palm leaves are first selected.

The naadi has 14 chapters which deal with a persons different aspects of life, family, profession, prosperity, health and many other important aspects. The 15th and 16th Chapters deal with the remedial measures, and an Amulet preparation, which give protection and beneficiary effects to a person.

Furthermore there are 4 Special Chapters and 4 Very detailed special chapters.  The details of this can be dealt only after the general chapter has been read.  This is time consuming and needs forehand preparations, well in advance.


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