Intense Spiritual Trekking

A Intensive Trekking to Visit spiritual places and caves in the Saturagiri hills and forest is a rare  and gifted occassion. Starting the trekking to prayers to the Mahakali and Karuppanaswamy to guide us is interesting. 16km  Huff and Puff through the dense forest and rugged pathway uphill-on the way crossing streams and caves of siddhars and praying the deities there gives one a little relief. Fresh water streams with cold fresh water is refreshing and then to reach the top to see the Santana Mahalingam and Sundara Mahalingam -the 2 suyambu lingams installed by the siddhar Sattanathar. There is the siddhar Sattanathar cave in the vicinity. With only basic necessities and pure nature, fresh  cold stream water flowing by the side of the temple, and the energy of the siddhars-one finds immense peace and quietness and it is one of the perfect places for meditating and to stay in seclusion away from the throbbing crowd and noise and other diversions.

On trekking further from Sanatana Mahalingam one can come to the Thavasi cave and Periya Mahalingam which is the natural huge suyambu lingam worthy of all the pains one undergoes before he gets to see it. A jewel of the siddhar places, difficult to achieve but still possible for those who have the blessings and guidance of the siddhars.

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