Dr. Gitanjali Azariah Thelen

A Tamil Siddha Doctor who comes from a family which patronises and manufactures Siddha medicine for the past 30 years in South India. Having completed the school studies in Chennai–she then continued further professional education at Palayamkottai Siddha Medical College to complete her Bachelors Degree in Siddha Medicine.

She is the Technical director in the siddha manufacturing medicine concern-M/S Nippon Pharmaceuticals (I) PVT. Ltd., Chennai.

She has done her Research on the Rare Plants of Kolli hills. Due to her interest and knowledge of Siddha she leads many groups from Europe and Malaysia with a Spiritual and Holistic background to visit the different Siddhar places-their Samadhis, Shrines and to the hills and caves of the Saints for the past 15 years.


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